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Get a Passport in Texas

The Texas Passport Office has experts who can help you apply for new and renewed passports quickly so you can get your passport expedited before your date of travel. If you have to travel for an emergency, business or tourism, we can assist you in getting all of the necessary paperwork underway quickly and efficiently.

Are you traveling with minors? Texas Passport Office offers help in procuring travel documents for children. Children need to update their passport and visa information more frequently, with law requiring that children reapply for a new passport every five years in order to travel internationally. If your kids are in need of updated passports and visas before a big trip, Texas Passport Office can help.

Our expert team is well versed in visa services as well, so if your travel plans require visas to enter certain countries, let us know and we'll help you. When it comes to monitoring all of the details to be sure our clients are able to get rush passports and visas in time for emergency travel, Texas Passport Office is the secure and efficient way to see to it that all of your passport and visa documents are in order before your date of departure.

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